How the fuck do people have the nerve to call self harm selfish? Do you think people get up one day and think “hey I’m gonna slice my skin open because it’s so fun!” No. It’s a MENTAL ILLNESS. Do you know half the thoughts going on inside of our minds? No, so think before you speak. You little ignorant fucks are what makes it worse.
why im still living

i wanted to kill myself along time ago and sometimes still do. be i would have but i didnt because of my mom and sister, not because of my friends, my friend was the reason why i wanted to kill myself. she said mean things to me like “i am only friends with you because i feel bad for you because your so ugly” and “i dont want you to sleep over because your gay” and she said JK after it as ifthat would make it ok.

(she called me gay before i even told anyone i was bi, i wanted to tell her but didnt because she says things like this)

love it when

i love it when a weight loss commercials come on and they say you got nothing to lose

i hate when people think you know other gay people just cause you are
tim: I need to tell you something
jim: what is it
tim: im gay
jim: oh do you know kim hes gay
tim: just because im gay dont mean i know every gay person
me: Jim do you know sam hes straight
jim: no

The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents the number of varieties of pickles the company once had